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Eyed Pharma

EyeD Pharma is a pharmaceutical company dedicated to the development of innovative drug products in ophthalmology. EyeD Pharma is also offering surgical products to ophthalmologists who need the highest high products for their clinical practice.

Our vision & ambition

EyeD Pharma aims to provide :

  • patients with therapeutic solutions that are currently unavailable on the market
  • physicians with a broad range of high quality products to guarantee and improve their surgical practice.

All the drug products in development are the results of fruitful discussion with ophthalmologists to answer unmet clinical needs with the aim of significantly improving the quality of life of patients.

Our expertise

EyeD Pharma has a multidisciplinary team combining advanced expertise in chemistry, industrial process, pharmaceutical, controlled release, regulatory affairs, preclinical, clinical, financial and business fields.

Our sales department has also a strong expertise (more than 20 years) in ophthalmic surgery.

Our partners

EyeD has strong and trustful partnerships all over the world to offer the most efficient services and products to our customers. We are always looking for partners willing to propose a broad range of high quality products to surgeons.

Our team

Mélanie Mestdagt


PHONE : 0032 4 266 97 75

Fabienne Wijzen

Head of Development

PHONE : 0032 4 266 95 78

Barbara Campo

Quality Assurance Manager

PHONE : 0032 4 266 94 95

Mirabel Heynderickx

Regulatory Affairs Manager

PHONE : 0032 4 266 97 75

Sabine Olivier

Patent Manager

PHONE : 0032 4 266 97 75

Dominique Nizet

Qualified Person

PHONE : 0032 4 266 97 75

Raphael Darimont

Financial Analyst

PHONE : 0032 4 266 97 78

Florence Croisier

Project Leader

PHONE : 0032 4 266 97 71

Clémentine Laurent

Project Manager

PHONE : 0032 4 266 97 71

Justine Thiry

Project Leader

PHONE : 0032 4 267 08 81

Amélie Serra

Quality Assurance Officer

PHONE : 0032 4 266 94 95

Justine Laloy

Laboratory Technician

PHONE : 0032 4 267 08 81

Sophie Dombret

Administrative Assistant/Accounting

PHONE : 0032 4 266 97 78

Emmanuel Van Der Beke

Product Specialist

PHONE : 0032 4 266 97 75

Nadia Lanera

Internal Sales

PHONE : 0032 4 266 97 75

Our products


EyeD Pharma is developing innovative products based on a new delivery pathway of well known drugs with the aim of improving quality of life of patients in various ocular pathologies including glaucoma.
EyeD pharma’s own products will significantly improve compliance and reduce side effects compared to available therapeutics. A close collaboration with ophthalmologists allows us to propose therapeutic solutions to unmet clinical needs.


EyeD Pharma selects reliable and resistant instruments both in disposable and in reusable forms.

Phaco accessories

EyeD Pharma offers a broad range of phaco-accessories products in order to give physicians the opportunity to perform the most efficient and reliable cataract surgery. We propose various products like tips, sleeves, i/a instruments, bimanuals, viscoelastics…

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EyeD Pharma SA


Quartier Hôpital | Avenue Hippocrate, 5 à 4000 Liège | BELGIUM


04/266 97 75



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