Our pipeline

Our promising pipeline is based on innovative drug delivery systems and proven APIs, and is designed to address medical unmet needs advised by internationally renowned KOLs.

Our product candidates could ensure a full compliance of the patient while drastically reducing or even eliminating side effects and avoiding degradation of the pathology.

  • Feasibility

  • Pre-clinical

  • Clinical
    Phase I

  • Clinical
    Phase II

  • Clinical
    Phase III

  • Regular

  • TimoD

    Clinical Phase I

  • BimatoD


  • HydraD
    Dry eye


  • InflammaD
    Back of the eye


TimoD clinical Phase 1 :

EyeD Pharma’s unique value proposal relies on a fully integrated approach, from idea to market.

We manage the entire development process from idea to market including product development, non-clinical & clinical studies. Our development, clinical and commercial batches are produced on our internally developed specific production process.